Washington: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday urged countries at the United Nations to isolate Iran, saying that that the latter’s leadership sows “chaos, death and destruction. “We ask all nations to isolate Iran’s regime as long as its aggression continues,” Trump told the UN General Assembly.Also Read - PM Modi, Mamata Banerjee, Adar Poonawalla on Time Magazine's 100 ‘Most Influential People of 2021

The US President said that Tehran’s leaders “do not respect their neighbours or borders or the sovereign rights of nations”. Also Read - Don't Need Lessons From 'Failed State': India Hits Out at Pak, OIC For Raising Kashmir Issue at UNHRC

Trump defended his decision to exit the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord signed under his predecessor Barack Obama and said that a US campaign of “economic pressure” would turn back Islamic Republic’s aggression. Also Read - BTS Army Celebrate as K-Pop Boys Receive Diplomatic Passports by South Korea President Ahead of UN General Assembly

His decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal had been widely applauded by other Middle Eastern countries, he added.

Calling Iran a “corrupt dictatorship”, Trump said its leaders have been plundering the Iranian people to pay for aggression abroad.

Donald Trump Praises India at UNGA Meet, Says It's Successfully Lifting Millions Out of Poverty

Donald Trump Praises India at UNGA Meet, Says It's Successfully Lifting Millions Out of Poverty

Ahead of delivering his speech at the UN General Assembly, Trump said he had no plans to meet with Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani “despite requests” to do so.

“Maybe someday in the future. I am sure he is an absolutely lovely man!” Trump tweeted just hours before both leaders were set to speak at the UN General Assembly, and four months after the US president ditched the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal in May to the dismay of European allies, Russia and China which had invested years in negotiations to achieve a milestone agreement on keeping Iran’s nuclear ambitions in check.

Rouhani earlier said that as a precondition for any dialogue, Trump would need to repair the damage done by exiting the nuclear deal. “That bridge must be rebuilt,” he told NBC news.

The United States maintains that it is seeking to ramp up pressure on Iran which it accuses of sowing chaos in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon.

In his General Assembly address, Rouhani was to stress that Iran continues to stick to the 2015 deal and portray the United States as a pariah for breaking its international commitments.

A year after threatening to “totally destroy North Korea” who’s leader was on a “suicide mission”, Trump thanked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for his “courage” and the steps he has taken towards the pursuit of a denuclearised Korean Peninsula.

Trump, who had last year called Kim a “Rocket Man on a suicide mission”, thanked the North Korean leader “for his courage and for the steps he has taken.” But he added that much work remains to be done. He emphasised that the sanctions will remain in place until denuclearisation occurs.