Washington (US), May 25: US President Donald Trump on Thursday reopened the Singapore Summit dialogue with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un and said that it (the summit) could still happen on June 12. Expressing hope for peace, the US President said that Kim Jong Un’s response on the cancelled summit was “warm and productive”. Also Read - Joe Biden Revokes Donald Trump's Visa Ban On Many Green Card Applicants, Says US Businesses Harmed

“Very good news to receive the warm and productive statement from North Korea. We will soon see where it will lead, hopefully to long and enduring prosperity and peace. Only time (and talent) will tell!” Trump, in a tweet, said. Also Read - 'Another Phase of Greatest Witch Hunt', Says Donald Trump After US Senate Acquits Him in Historic Impeachment Trial

Trump said that North Korea’s response was “warm and productive” which is different from his earlier take on the latter’s response. The US President on Thursday called off the Singapore summit due to the “tremendous anger and open hostility” he found in a North Korean statement. He had also said that it was a lost opportunity for North Korea and the world. Also Read - 'Sex With Donald Trump Was The Worst 90 Seconds of My Life', Porn Star Stormy Daniels Recounts Alleged Encounter

“We’re going to see what happens. We’re talking to them now. It was a very nice statement they put out. We’ll see what happens. It could even be the 12th. We’re talking to them now. They very much want to do it. We’d like to do it,” Donald Trump said on being asked if a dialogue is still on between the countries. “Everybody plays games,” Trump, who is known for boasting his negotiation skills, added.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that the North Korean leader was willing to meet United States President Donald Trump “at any time and in any way”. The development came a day after Donald Trump cancelled the Singapore Summit with North Korea. “We reiterate to the US that we are willing to sit face to face at any time and in any way,” a top official at North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said.

This comes a day after Trump told the North Korean leader that they (North Korea) talk about their “nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.” He, however, left a door opened for the North Korean leader in case he “changes his mind”.

“If you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or write. The world, and North Korea in particular, has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth. This missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history,” Trump had said in the letter. The Singapore Summit will most likely happen on June 12.