New Delhi: A week after he claimed that Pakistan does not do “a damn thing” for America, the US president Donald Trump reportedly wrote a letter to PM Imran Khan seeking his help in bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table to end the 17-year brutal war in trouble-torn Afghanistan.

In the letter, Trump reportedly acknowledged that the war had cost both the US and Pakistan and emphasised that both the countries “should explore opportunities to work together and renew partnership”.

“Trump stated that his most important regional priority was achieving a negotiated settlement of the Afghan war. In this regard, he has sought Pakistan’s support and facilitation,” the Foreign Office (FO) said. It added,”Pakistan welcomes the decision to explore ways for a political settlement of the Afghan issue.”

Pakistan also reiterated its commitment to play a facilitation role in good faith, stressing that peace and stability in Afghanistan was a shared responsibility.

Ties between the US and Pakistan strained after Trump, while announcing his Afghanistan and South Asia policy in August last year, hit out at Pakistan for providing safe havens to “agents of chaos” that kill Americans in Afghanistan and warned Islamabad that it has “much to lose” by harbouring terrorists. Last month, the Pentagon said that the US has suspended USD 1.66 billion in security assistance to Pakistan after President Trump’s directive.

In September, the Trump administration cancelled USD 300 million in military aid to Islamabad for not doing enough against terror groups like the Haqqani Network and the Taliban active on its soil.

(With inputs from agencies)