Washington, January 17: United States President Donald Trump who is using Finasteride, a drug normally consumed to shrink an enlarged prostate in adult men has been linked to an increased risk of erectile dysfunction, depression, anger and self-harm. President Trump is using this drug to treat his hair loss problem.Also Read - PM Modi, Mamata Banerjee, Adar Poonawalla on Time Magazine's 100 ‘Most Influential People of 2021

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The prostrate-reducing drug is also widely believed to be a significant factor affecting the Trump’s low PSA (prostate) levels and thick mane. Also Read - Thousands of Terrorists Might Have Been Airlifted Out of Kabul: Trump Slams Biden's Afghan Policy

A research paper recently published by Western University in Ontario showed concrete evidence that the pills’ can lead to mental health risks and some experts fear that it also increases the risk of suicidal tendencies.

Another study conducted by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine found that most of the patients who used this drug were left impotent for four years.

Studies show that the drug helps in making the prostate glands smaller by reducing levels of hormone dihydrotestosterone in participants.

In last few years, around such drugs (5-alpha-reductase inhibitors – 5ARIs) have come under increasing scrutiny by regulators in the United States and Canada because of a possible link to mental health issues, according to the researchers, Mailonline reported.

During the clinical trials of Finasteride drug, scientist found an unexpected side effect – hair growth.

In 1997, the FDA in the United States approved the steroid inhibitor as the first ever drug to treat male pattern baldness.

The drug, which is mainly sold under the brand name Propecia, is taken once in a day. This pill is used by millions of American adults which is proven 90 per cent effective.

It is quite noteworthy that in February 2017, Trump’s doctor Harold Bornstein had revealed in an interview that the president takes a small dose of finasteride to stimulate hair growth.