Washington: US President Donald Trump will land in Gujarat on February 24. His official specially-designed car, nicknamed ‘The Beast’, has already arrived at the Agra airport. Upon Trump’s arrival, the car will ferry him and First Lady of US to the Sardar Patel Stadium in Motera. Trump is also scheduled to visit Agra in this car. Also Read - Donald Trump Hints at a 'Tremendous' Trade Deal With India Ahead of His Visit, But Talks Might Slow Down

Here’s all you need to know about ‘The Beast’: Also Read - Indian Air Force to Provide Security Cover to Air Force One During Donald Trump’s Visit to India

The widows of this current model of the limousine are made of five layers of glass and polycarbonate, making it resistant to armour piercing bullets. Only the window of the driver’s seat can open upto three inches. Also Read - Paan Shops Sealed To Keep Walls Clean, Dogs Caged Ahead of Donald Trump's Ahmedabad Visit

Armed with defence and protection features, ‘The Beast’ has an oxygen system, tear gas, smoke-screen dispensers and blood bags for the President.

There is also a proper communication system in place with a GPS tracking centre. The driver, who receives training from the US Secret Service, is skilled enough to cope with the most challenging driving conditions. Amongst the set of things he is trained for, some include making emergency escapes, evasions and performing 180-degree turns.

The body of the car is made from combination material like steel, titanium, aluminium and ceramics. The front part of the vehicle is equipped with tear gas grenade launchers and night vision cameras. The tyres are puncture resistant.

In the rear compartment, a total of four people- apart from the President- can sit. Further, the interior which has a glass partitioning can be lowered by the President. It is also laced with a panic button and an independent oxygen supply for emergency-related cases.

The President’s seat also has a satellite phone, connecting directly to the Vice President as well as the Pentagon.