Colombo: A British couple bought a hotel worth Rs 29 Lakh in Sri Lanka, while they were drunk on their three-week-long honeymoon in 2017. The pair, named Gina Lyons, 33, and Mark Lee, 35, after gulping down multiple glasses of rum made the rash decision. Also Read - British Man Whose Dad Gifted Him a Whiskey Bottle For Every Birthday Is Now Selling The $53,000 Collection to Buy A House!

On their first night, the couple got to know that the hotel’s lease was soon expiring. The couple also learned that the lease was £10,000 for a year. Hence, the decision was taken and the lease of the hotel was bought for £30,000 or Rs 29 lakh, News18 reported. Notably, the lease was extended for a period of three years. Also Read - Secret British Graffiti Artist Banksy's Stolen Mural Returned to France From Italian Farmhouse on Bastille Day

The couple renamed the hotel ‘Lucky Beach Tangalle’ after becoming the official owners of the hotel on July 1, 2018. Also Read - Artwork of US Flag Burning by British Street Artist Banksy, as Tribute to George Floyd, Grabs 2.2 Million Likes on Instagram

Friends of the couple hold that the pair made a stupid decision. However, the drunken stupor paid off as the hotel is now doing well and has many several customers, the news channel reported.