WION Global Summit: UAE Minister of Tolerance His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan said on Wednesday that the growing importance of India in South Asian Economy and global importance required a strategic approach and unleashing the huge importance it had to offer.

He was addressing the gathering at the Global Summit here as its Chief Guest and Guest of Honour. Expressing his gratitude for being the  Chief Guest at WION Global Summit, he thanked Zee Media and WION for organising the summit.

His Excellency Al Nahayan said that he supported the objective of the summit which was to promote peace and sustainable development.

“I agree that we must work to improve the business and economic environment, growth, and development, encourage cooperation at all levels,” he added.

Stating that the UAE has good trade cooperation and critical relation with India and all Asian countries, His Excellency said that if one studied the role of UAE one would come to know the role it played in regional cooperation.

His Excellency further said, “UAE plays a key role in regional and global security, we are a major participant in the Global energy network, our economy is well situated and suited for the functioning of Global Society. UAE is active in promoting social and economic development in the region and in the world. UAE is strategically located for synergy to markets of Africa, Central Asia, India Sub-continent and Southern Europe.”

The topics of the agenda highlight the importance of creating conditions of successful business and economic cooperation in the South Asian region. Saying that the challenge was to ask the right questions, he went on to add that he was confident that the summit would inspire fruitful discussion.

His Excellency added that the other challenges were how to develop a common understanding of the shared challenges and opportunities, how to share globalisation, how to take advantage of emerging and growing South Aisa, how to develop research and capability to allow growth, how to strengthen private sector and use them for national and regional development and, more importantly, how to develop leaders in terms of economic, social and human development.

“2019 is the year of tolerance for UAE, people living here are free to practise their religion, there are transparency and openness, it encourages harmony and peace, the principle of tolerance,” His Excellency said.