Quito: Ecuador Police has shut down a clinic in Quito after it was found to be injecting thousands of people with a fake Coronavirus vaccine. The clinic was giving shots of some unknown substance, said reports. The matter came to light after police and health officials raided the facility and found it was giving fake doses to people.Also Read - Omicron in Community Transmission Stage in India, Dominant Strain in Metro Cities, Confirms Govt Body

Talking to the press, Quito security chief César Díaz said that the clinic was charging $15 per dose from its patients claiming that the dose will make them immune against Coronavirus. Also Read - Are Cloth Masks Really Helpful? Health Experts Answer

Upon interrogation, it was found that at least 70,000 people fell into the trap and were administered fake vaccine doses by the clinic. The patients were administered three doses that cost $45 and IV treatment as immunization against Coronavirus, Dailymail reported. Also Read - Yoga Tips: 6 Asanas to Recover From Covid 19 And Build Immunity

In a video found by the police, site operations incharge Dr. Lucía Peñafiel was not wearing any protective gear. She claimed that she and her staff were all immunised against the viral infection.

Peñafiel later told the media she was treating Coronavirus-positive patients with laser treatments, IV, and infrared light and vitamins.

Many people have come out in support of her saying she is a good person and has saved the lives of people. Many eminent people including cops, military soldiers and President Lenín Moreno’s administration officials were reportedly her patients.

Police are currently investigating the matter and more details may emerge soon.

Ecuador has registered over 246,000 cases of COVID-19 and 14,780 deaths so far.