Riyadh, June 24: Saudi Arabia, along with its neighbours in Africa and the Gulf, embraced Ramadan on May 27. The 29th day of Ramadan is being observed today. If the moon would be spotted following the sunset, the holy month would come to an end, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) would be celebrating Eid al-Fitr tomorrow. Stay tuned here for live streaming of all the latest updates of moon sighting from Saudi Arabia.

The crescent moon, if seen in Saudi today, is expected to been seen in Asian subcontinent tomorrow. The believers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other parts of South Asia await Chand Raat tomorrow to spot the crescent moon of 29th Ramadan. One Indian state – Kerala, would be looking for the crescent moon today. The coastal state, co-incidentally, has been celebrating Eid along with Saudi Arabia over the past few years.

Along with Saudi Arabia, the crescent moon would also be searched in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. The North African nations – Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and others would also be searching for the crescent moon today.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other South-east Asian nations have begun the expedition to sight the crescent moon of 29th Ramadan. Read: Live – Eid moon sighting 2017: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr on Sunday if moon spotted today

The final confirmation on whether Eid-al-Fitr would be celebrated in KSA tomorrow would be made by the Saudi Grand Mosque in Mecca. The updates would begin emerging as the sunset nears.