New Delhi, June 24: As most of the Islamic nations are waiting to see the first sight of the moon, many have already seen it and the celebrations have begun in their camp as they are about to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr tomorrow. Also, Egypt has seen the first sight of the moon and even Abdel Fattah el-Sisi the President of Egypt has wished his nation on the occasion of Eid this year. Also Read - Robot That Can Test For Covid-19 Trialled in Egypt, It Will Also Warn People Not Wearing Masks

The moon is an essential thing to witness to mark the beginning of Eid and it was even spotted today in Lebanon. As per reports, some of the Syrian refugees will this year celebrate Eid in Lebanon and they have been finding it hard to fetch food to break their fast every evening. Also Read - From Lebanon to Palestine, Muslims Stage Anti-France Protests as Anger Against Prophet Cartoons Rises

Along with the two nations, even Libya will celebrate Eid tomorrow. As per Libya Herald, Zakat payment on the occasion of Eid this year will be LD 4 per person. Sometime back it was announced that the amount was LD 6 but later House of Representatives’ Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Committee changed it. Also Read - Eid Mubarak: PM Modi, President, Other Leaders Greet People on Milad-Un-Nabi

As far as Algeria is concerned the Eid will not be celebrated here tomorrow as the moon was not sighted today. The sighting of the moon mostly depends on meteorological conditions. The fast is broken after seeing the moon with a naked eye is actually an Islamic tradition.