New York: US President Joe Biden on Tuesday addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York and said the US has ended 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan and now it is opening doors of diplomacy. He said no matter how challenging problems his country faces, but the US will deliver the best.Also Read - T20 World Cup 2021 Points Table After Pakistan vs New Zealand Match; How does a Pakistan Win Benefit India? Explained

“We are facing the threat of terrorism today, we have ended 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan and as we close this war, we are opening doors of diplomacy. No matter how challenging problems we face, the US will deliver the best,” Joe Biden said at UNGA, New York. Also Read - Afghan Women Protest Against Restrictions Imposed By Taliban

He said that the US is not the same country it was when attacked on 9/11, 20 years ago. He added that the US today is better equipped and more resilient, countering the propaganda. Also Read - Travelling to US? Vaccine Based Entry Rules For Air Travel EXPLAINED | WATCH

He further added that the future belongs to those who give their people the ability to breathe free, not those who seek to suffocate their people with ‘iron hands’.

“The UNSC adopted a resolution outlining how to support people of Afghanistan, laid out the expectations from the Taliban. We all must advocate the rights of women, girls to pursue their dreams free of violence and intimidation,” Biden added.

He said the United States will continue to defend itself and its allies against terrorism and added that the US knows the bitter sting of terrorism. “Last month, we lost 13 American heroes and many Afghan civilians in the heinous terrorist attack at Kabul airport. Those who commit acts of terrorism against us will find a determined enemy in the United States,” he stated.

“We are not seeking a new cold war, where the world is divided. The US is ready to work with any nation that pursues peaceful resolutions because we have all suffered consequences of our failures,” Joe Biden firmly stated,

He also stated that the US will continue to remain committed to preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapon and added that the USD seeks serious and sustained diplomacy to pursue complete demilitarisation of the Korean peninsula. “The US military power must be our tool of last resort, not our first,” Biden stated.