Washington, Aug 19: Federal health officials have approved the first prescription drug to boost sexual desire in women, a milestone long sought by the pharmaceutical industry. But safety restrictions on the daily pill, called Addyi, mean it will probably never achieve the blockbuster sales of men’s impotence drugs like Viagra, which have generated billions of dollars. (ALSO READ: Gunmen kill Mexican marine, wound 2 in state next to capital)Also Read - Sale of Condoms & Sex Toys Skyrocket As Indians Make the Most of Coronavirus Lockdown

The new drug’s label will carry a bold warning that combining it with alcohol can cause dangerously low blood pressure and fainting. Those problems can also occur if the drug is taken alongside certain common medications, including drugs used to treat yeast infections.
The Food and Drug Administration approval yesterday marked an unusual turnaround for the agency. The FDA previously rejected the drug twice due to lacklustre benefits and worrisome side effects. Also Read - Sheep in Ireland Become Sexually Overactive After Drinking Water Contaminated With Viagra

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