Berlin, Sep 23: In a potentially dangerous situation, an Air Berlin flight made an emergency landing after a huge hole was punched in the metal of one of the wings by flying pieces of rubber.

The pilots had been flying unaware of the problem until radioed by ground crews, who had found the disintegrated remains of one of the plane’s tyres on the runway.The plane then issued a mayday call and made an emergency landing at Munich. (Read: FBI finds deleted Hillary Clinton emails)

The incident happened yesterday aboard a tourist flight between Desseldorf and the Greek island of Kos, with 171 passengers and seven staff on board the aircraft.”When the flight took off in Desseldorf pieces of the tyres broke off and damaged the wing,” a spokeswoman for Air Berlin was quoted as saying by Daily Express.

“There was no damage to the plane’s systems and no danger for passengers,” she added.
Experts from the Federal Office for Air Accident Investigations (BfU) in Germany will now look into the case. (Image for representation only)