Washington, Oct 10: Backing a presidential candidate for the first time ever, the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the next US president and said that a Donald Trump presidency is the “greatest threat” facing the country. “A Donald Trump presidency is among the greatest threats facing America, and the Republican standard-bearer is the worst major-party candidate for the job in US history,” said the magazine adding that in the nearly half-century history of Foreign Policy, the editors of the publication have never endorsed a candidate for political office.Also Read - Both Sides Planning For New State-By-State Abortion Fight

The magazine which is often considered as the last word on world affairs, broke with tradition as it endorsed Clinton for the presidency, saying the litany of reasons for which Trump poses such a threat is so long that it is, in fact, shocking that he is a major party candidate for the presidency. Foreign Policy joins the long list of major American publications that have endorsed Clinton. Trump has failed to win even a single major publication’s backing.(ALSO READ: Hillary Clinton ‘clear winner’ of 2nd presidential debate: polls) Also Read - Abortion Rights at Stake in Historic Supreme Court Arguments

“Hillary Clinton is a quality candidate who is unquestionably well-prepared to lead this country,” the magazine said as it lashed out at the rhetoric of Trump which it alleged is damaging for the country. “He has repeatedly denigrated the US military, its leadership, service members, veterans, and the families who stand behind them. He has also derided the intelligence community,” the magazine said. Also Read - Supreme Court Set to Take Up All-Or-Nothing Abortion Fight

“Indeed, he is not simply seen as a dangerous candidate by members of the Democratic Party, but virtually no single credible GOP foreign-policy advisor has joined his team,” it said adding that this is because Trump either undercuts or has placed himself in opposition to the best foreign-policy traditions of the Republican party and to the standards and ideals of every GOP administration in modern history.

Trump, the magazine said, has repeatedly demonstrated a complete disregard for America’s most important values, from tolerance to respect for the rule of law. “Fortunately, not only is Trump opposed by a worthy candidate, but his opponent is, on foreign policy and national security issues ? all of the areas we cover here at FP ? one of the best qualified candidates this country has produced since World War II,” the magazine said.