Jalalabad, Dec 28:  The decapitated heads of the four fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was placed on the side of a main road in eastern Afghanistan after they were beheaded by the local village militia members loyal to a powerful Afghan lawmaker. According to Dawn, IS militants first captured four fighters from the militia, known as Pasoon or ‘Uprising’, and beheaded them. The militia then retaliated, by doing the same, Haji Zahir informed. (Also Read: Anti-ISIS Syrian documentary maker assassinated in Turkey) Also Read - Two Afghan Women Supreme Court Judges Shot Dead in Kabul

Dozens of members of the militia loyal to Haji Zahir, deputy Speaker of parliament, have been battling both Taliban and ISIS militants in Achin district of Nangarhar for weeks. However, Ataullah Khoqani, spokesman for the provincial governor, said Afghan government forces were not involved in the incident as per the investigations. ISIS has also taken to the airwaves in a radio show in Nangarhar to win recruits among young Afghans but local authorities said they blocked the broadcast. However, Haji Zahir said the 90-minute daily Pashto language broadcast is still operational. Also Read - Imran Khan Says His Govt Wants To Learn From China's Development Model to Eradicate Poverty

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