Paris: Seven people on Tuesday died after a building in France’s capital caught fire, reports said. Further, 28 people were injured during the incident.

More details are awaited.

In an earlier incident on January 12, at least two people were killed after a gas leak led to an explosion at a bakery in central Paris.  Twelve people were injured out of which five of them were reported to be in a critical state.

A spokesman for the Paris Fire Brigade said that an additional 24 people were injured in the blast but are not critical.

“The human toll is heavy — 12 people seriously injured, of which three are firefighters,” prosecutor Rémy Heitz told reporters before the police confirmed the four fatalities. “At this stage, we can tell the origin of the explosion is accidental, a gas leak, but we should remain prudent as an ongoing investigation will determine the causes of this,” he said.

The blast took place at 9.10 AM (local time) at the bakery on Rue de Trevise in the 9th arrondissement in Paris as firefighters were responding to reports of the leak. The explosion caused windows to shatter in the vicinity and glass to rattle over a larger area, while significant damage to the surrounding buildings and shops was reported.