Washington: After North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-Un made his first public appearance in nearly three weeks amid growing speculation regarding his deteriorating health, US President Donald Trump on Sunday said in a tweet that he was glad to see the former “back and well”. Also Read - Where Was Kim Jong-Un? Well, These Photos May Reveal

“I, for one, am glad to see he is back, and well!,” Trump tweeted. Also Read - Is Kim Jong-un Dead? North Korea Defector '99% Sure', Claims Report

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was seen on Saturday as the state media made public his photos when he went to a fertilizer factory, lying northeast to Pyongyang. It was rumoured that he was critical, for which a medical team from China even went to North Korea. Also Read - Speculations Deepen on North Korea's Supremacy, is Kim Jong-un 'Alive and Well' or Dead?

Reports said that people present at the factory ‘broke into thunderous cheers of hurrah’ after witnessing Kim amidst them.

Speculations about Kim’s ill health mounted following his mysterious disappearance for nearly three weeks. A North Korea defector elected as a lawmaker in South Korea had also claimed he was “99 per cent” sure that Kim died after surgery.