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Washington, May 22 : Google has identified the culprit behind the White House showing as “n***a house” screw up, and it turns out it’s not them, it’s you. (Also read: Find out where is ‘Dumb Fuck’ on Google Maps – Unbelievable Results) Also Read - After Google, Apple And Amazon Also Remove Parler From Their Platforms Over US Capitol Siege

According to the tech giant’s spokesperson, if an internet user was racist and frequently used such words on the Internet, the map search results will show such words, as their ranking systems were designed to return results that match a person’s query, reported. In short it means that apparently a lot people have calling President Obama’s residence as the “n***a house.” However, Google added that they were working to fix the “failure in our system,” which could take a while Also Read - Two Days After US Capitol Riot, Trump Says He Will Not Attend Joe Biden's Inauguration on Jan 20