New Delhi: People across the world bade farewell to 2018 and welcomed New Year 2019 in various ways. With many nations still gearing up to step-in the New Year, countries in the Southern Hemisphere like New Zealand had already entered into 2019. While, some took to travelling to offbeat destinations, many partied away by chugging down a good amount of alcohol whereas others opted to celebrate it a traditional way by participating in age-old ceremonies. The New Year celebrations are officially underway in Australia with people welcoming 2019 with spectacular fireworks.

Countries like London, New York, Dubai etc are known for their grand celebrations as their brilliant fireworks are one of the most-awaited views on the New Year’s Eve.

Here is a look at how these nations celebrated the New Year in style.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s Auckland was the first major city in the world to enter the new year. The Sky Tower and the Harbour Bridge were lit up. The annual fireworks were displayed from the Sky Tower and at the same time, there was a light display on the Harbour Bridge. The Wondergarden music festival was held at Silo Park on the waterfront.

The New Zealand police officials kept an additional staff in areas such as Northland, Auckland, Mt Maunganui and many more cities in the country. In Auckland, around 30,000 people witnessed the fireworks in town at Sky Towers.

Many people also took to streets and beaches to participate in the New Year’s celebrations.


In Australia, millions of people celebrated the new year with fireworks, live music and entertainment. In Sydney’s Harbour Foreshore, hundreds of people camped out overnight to book a spot where they could get the best visuals.

More than 1.5 million people were expected to arrive for festivities and several best viewing points were full.

In Melbourne, more than 50,000 people were expected to turn out in the city, where a range of musicians took stage across four live sites. The authorities in Australia had prepared for 13.5 tonnes of fireworks. The fireworks were carried out at an area of around eight square kilometers.


Burj Khalifa, Dubai welcomed New Year 2019 with grand celebrations this year. The major part of the celebrations included laser show and vibrant fireworks. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa stood lit up and the number countdown was seen on the building.  The iconic tower adorned in varying colours have a great show to look forward to.

At the Downtown Dubai, as many as 1.5 million visitors were expected to visit. Leading authorities issued a cautionary message on what pathways should be taken for bachelors and families. The video also illustrated the various locations, with the Burj Khalifa Island Park, and the South Ridge reserved for families while the Burj Views dedicated for bachelors. Families and customers at restaurants can watch the Light Show from Dubai Boulevard, Burj Plaza and Souk Al Bahar.

New York City

According to a report, Snoop Dogg, Sting and Christina Aguilera would be gracing 2019 in Times Square. Further, people from all over the world came to witness the traditional crystal ball drop.

The audience began gathering in the afternoon itself to witness the grandeur celebrations in the city, one of them being ‘made-for-TV extravaganza’. Security was beefed up to avoid any untoward situation.


London was no way behind the other countries in giving 2019 a warm welcome. Celebrating in style, London’s New Year’s Day Parade and fireworks are one of the major attractions. The Metropolitan Police told News18 that security was tightened up across inner London.

The 33rd year of London’s New Year’s Day Parade (LNYDP) sees the participation of around 8,000 people from all over the world to raise money for charities. The parade would be live on TV worldwide.


Thai people celebrated the New Year by participating in their traditional funeral rituals held in Takien Temple, on the outskirts of Bangkok. The ceremony, as believed by participants, is symbolic of death and rebirth.