Washington, Nov 2: Claiming that the FBI is now investigating inner circles of Hillary Clinton, her Republican presidential rival Donald Trump today said that the election of the former Secretary of States as the next president would create an “unprecedented and protected constitutional crisis”. “If Hillary Clinton were to be elected, it would create an unprecedented and protracted constitutional crisis,” Trump told his supporters at an election rally in Miami. “Haven’t we just been through a lot with the Clintons, right? Remember when he (Bill Clinton) was impeached for lying? He can’t practice law. He doesn’t have the right to practice law. Didn’t we just go through this? And the last thing we need is another four years of Obama,” Trump said as the audience booed Clinton.

Trump claimed his campaign is on the cusp of an incredible historic change that transfers power from a failed political establishment and returns that power to the families, communities and citizens. “The system is rigged, remember that. The system is rigged. Right now, it’s rigged. We’re going to change it,” he said. The Republican presidential nominee said that the “spread of political agendas” into the Justice Department had “never been a thing like this that has happened in our country’s history — is one of the saddest things” that has happened to the country.

“But with your vote you can beat the system, the rigged system, and deliver justice. So, show up early and vote. Show up early. You know, the lines are incredible. The polls are all saying we’re going to win Florida. Don’t believe it. Don’t believe it. Get out there and vote. Pretend we’re slightly behind. You got to get — we don’t want to blow this,” he said.
“This is the one chance we have, it’ll never happen again. It’s not going to happen. In four years, it’s not going to happen it can’t happen again. This is a movement like we have never seen in this country before. These crowds, the enthusiasm, the love,” he said.

The audience erupted into wild cheer, as he referred to the re-opening of the Clinton’ FBI investigation. “They’re re-opening the investigation into Crooked Hillary Clinton. Crooked Hillary, she’s crooked,” he said as the audience booed and shouted aloud: “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

“Crooked Hillary, you know that term has really stuck, everyone’s calling has anyone seen Crooked Hillary today? That’s going to be a great term for a president. What a mess. This is the biggest scandal since Watergate,” he said.
“And now it’s been reported that there are FBI inquiries probing virtually all of Hillary’s inner circle and many of the things she’s done over the years,” Trump said.

Trump is scheduled to address a number of rallies in Florida over the next two days. “She wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles, but she really has no one to blame but herself. Hillary is the one who set up the illegal private e-mail server to shield her criminal activity.

“Hillary is the one who endangered national security by sending classified information on an insecure server. Hillary is the one who lied so many times to Congress and the FBI. Hillary is the one who made 13 phones disappear, some with a hammer,” Trump said.

By Lalit K Jha.