By this time social media feeds and news reports would have informed you about the sad incident which took place in Pulse Club, Orlando. There was a shoot out and more than dozens have been killed. The identification of the victims is still on and counting. The incident was shocking and dreadful, and many victims are so disfigured in the shoot that it is hard to recognize their bodies.Also Read - People hid in bathroom of Pulse Nightclub and texted their friends about shooting, call recordings released

The cops were able to take down the shooter identified as Omar Saddiqui Mateen., forced himself into the club and brutally shot the attendees in the club. The information is still coming in, but a discussion about sexual orientation of the victims cropping up is shocking. Many around the world are mourning the deaths of the Pulse Club Shootout and shared their grief. But there is something very creepy and it gives a chill in our spines wondering where we are heading to. (ALSO READ: Orlando Club shooting: ‘He’s coming, I am gonna die’, son shares the terror with mother as Omar Mateen sprayed bullets) Also Read - Gay Pride march sparks French hard Right row

Many on twitter posted, how they are happy about the whole incident took lives of many and it brings peace to their world because homosexuals died. These tweets prove why it is still important to have gay pride movements. United States might boast of legalizing LGBT and allowing gay marriages, but this certainly doesn’t bring an end to their fights for equality and peaceful live filled with love.  Also Read - After Orlando shooting #Twomenkissing across the internet is the warmest social media response

Here are all those who are praising the Orlando gay club shooting:

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This is to tell all those people who can stoop down to this level of opinions, anyone who dies, dies as a human soul. No one dies because they are gay or straight. The incident leaves us sad, but the sexual orientation biased comments leave us sad and hoping for some change in thoughts soon. (ALSO READ: Orlando mass shooting an act of “terror and hate”: Barack Obama)