New Delhi: Amid the four-month-long unstoppable anti-Beijing clashes in Hong Kong, China’s President Xi Jinping warned against the dissent groups saying any attempt to divide China will end in “crushed bodies and shattered bones”.

Addressing a press conference during his Nepal visit on Sunday, the Chinese President made the grim statement, adding that all those who support the splitting of any region of China will also be regarded “delusional” by the country’s people.

President Xi’s comments come after a peaceful protest on Sunday turned into violent clashes between pro-democracy dissenters and the riot police. Several public transport stations and shops were damaged on the accusation of being pro-government.

One group of protesters went to the extent of hauling a three-metre-high statue, Lady Liberty, a famous outcrop overlooking Hong Kong that had become a symbol of the rallies.

While the police claimed that they used “minimum force” to disperse protesters, television footages of the local media revealed several weekend shoppers were caught in the chaos.

According to government authorities, petrol bombs were thrown at Mong Kok police station, and one officer was slashed in the neck. In another area, riot police with shields were forced out of a mall by angry shoppers who sided with the protesters.

The anti-government Hong Kong unrest, that started in June, has been going on in objection to the now-revoked extradition bill. However, protestors have since morphed into a wider, country-wide movement demanding democracy and accountability of police against brutality.

More than 2,300 people have been arrested since the civil disobedience began. Recently, the Hong Kong government banned any kind of face masks at public rallies, however, demonstrators vowed to defy it.