New Delhi: Putting an end to the riots that spawned for more than 20 weeks, Hong Kong on Wednesday officially withdrew the controversial extradition bill, according to news agency IANS. The protests had caused civil unrest in the island nation resulting in a political turmoil. Massive clashes erupted in Hong Kong in the month of September, despite the government’s decision to completely withdraw the long protested extradition bill.

Meanwhile, a second reading for the bill was resumed earlier on October 23 after which Secretary for Security John Lee requested the legislature to withdraw the extradition bill.

This move was delayed by a week owing to the protests that erupted at the Legislative Council during the Chief Executive’s policy address, stated a report by the Hong Kong Free Press. It must be noted that the protests against the controversial bill had initially begun in the month of June. The protesters had then posted a series of demands seeking to improve the democratic mechanisms of the former British colony.