New Delhi: Poland’s ambassador to India Prof. Adam Burakowski speaking to our principal diplomatic correspondent Sidhant Sibal has said the new Indian govt should be more open to the world especially Europe and Poland. He also spoke on other issues such as trade ties, terror and how India save more than 1000 Polish children in world war 2. Also Read - Vinesh Phogat Enters Poland Open Final With Contrasting Wins

Q: How do u see India, Poland ties? Also Read - Dogs, Horses Will Get Pension In This Place, Know More About The Govt Scheme

Prof. Adam Burakowski: The relations between India and Poland are growing. This year in September we have the historical movement of reopening the direct flight between Delhi and Warsaw. After 25 years, we are reconnecting out capitals. Also, our economic ties are growing. We have reached $3 bn mutual yearly exchange. Indian community in Poland is growing especially the students. We have around 4000 students from India studying in polish universities. Also Read - World’s Deepest Swimming Pool In Poland Features Underwater Rooms And Caves | Now Open For Visitors

Q: How have been the trade ties?

Prof. Adam Burakowski: There are still some fields of possible cooperation that have potential. this is IT technology. our IT cos is investing in India. 2 leading polish companies in India. Also, our other companies invested in India are progressing, reaching new markets. This mutual exchange is really is growing fast.

Q: Expectations from the new Indian govt.

Prof. Adam Burakowski: I hope the new govt will be even more open to the international world including Europe and Poland. Poland being a member of EU for 15 years is a good place for Indian companies to invest. If u invest in Poland you will access to all the European Union market.

Q: Terror has been a major issue. Europe has been a major target for terror networks. How do u plan to deal with the scourge?

Prof. Adam Burakowski: Fortunately, Poland hasn’t been the target of any terrorist attack in recent years. but we are preparing ourselves and our security forces are aware of the threat. We would like to cooperate with every country that has anti-terrorism on its agenda and India is one of them

Q: Can u shed some list on the historic ties between the 2 countries and how India helped Poland in world war?

Prof. Adam Burakowski: Poland and India are always friendly towards each other. In 19th centuries, our countries were occupied by foreign powers so we share a common experience. In WW2 India welcomes a big number of Polish refugees in camps. One was in Balachadi near Jamnagar, the local maharaja hosted 1000 polish children. and second was in valivade kolhapur, the Maharaja also contributed in sheltering 5000 polish children in the world war. We established ties in 1954.