Texas, June 14: Barely 48 hours after a radicalized Muslim youth shot down 49 gays in a nightclub in Florida, another possible incident of terror has been reported from United States. In Texas’ Walmart store, a gunman is reportedly holding people refugees inside. Also Read - Standing Tall at 6 Feet 10 Inches: US Girl Secures Guinness World Record For Longest Female Legs | See Pics

The Walmart store is located in Amarillo region of Texas, which lies on the busy road line connecting Interstate 27 and the Georgia northbound frontage road. Police has sealed off the area. High-level alert has been issued. Crisis control efforts have been initiated. A team of police officers is trying to reach out to the gunman inside. Also Read - Another Disaster in US: Deadly Brain-Eating Microbe Found in Tap Water in Texas, Kills 6-Year-Old Boy | All You Need to Know

“No shooting on the moment, no confirmed gunshot. Our team has arrived at the site,” Texas police chief said while speaking to the local media. Also Read - 'Worst Nightmare': Video of A Snake Emerging From Man’s Toilet Leaves Twitter Horrified | Watch

Evacuation process on the West side of Walmart has been initiated. According to Fox News, some of the police officers have entered inside the Walmart and have confirmed that no casualties have taken place so far. The gunman has reported fired no gun shots.

In a similar hostage situation in Orlando’s Pulse Night Club, one Omar Mateen, suspected to be a radicalized Muslims, shot down 49 gays, before being targeted by the security forces.

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