Although we all know about the role of contraceptives in birth control and preventing sexually transmitted diseases, but how many condoms does a guy need? Well it seems this person cant get enough! A robber stole not one or two but 19 boxes of condoms! The condoms were stolen from a Bronx drug store. The robber was seen carrying the boxes of condoms on a bag at a Rite Aid at 3012 Third Ave in Melrose. (Watch: 9 bizarre facts about condoms that will blow your mind)

The incident took place on Tuesday morning when the man came at 10 am for shopping and then left without paying. Although the security guard tried to stop him, but he was attacked by the thief by a box-cutter leaving him with minor injuries.The police are on a lookout for the man who left with a bag full of condoms.

The NYPD said that the male suspect entered the Rite Aid on Tuesday and carried 19 boxes of condoms attempted to leave paying. When the security guard tried to intrevene he was attacked with a box cutter on the arm. Post which the guard was taken to Lincoln Hospital. The incident was also captured on the surveillance video of the store.