Dubai: Hundreds of lives were saved after a major collision between two India-bound Emirates flights was averted at Dubai airport after two aircraft that were scheduled for take-off came on the same runway. According to the Emirates flight schedule, EK-524 Dubai to Hyderabad and EK-568 Dubai to Bengaluru were scheduled to take off for their destinations within a gap of five minutes from each other on Sunday, when the Hyderabad bound flight started speeding on the runway when the Bengaluru bound flight was preparing to take off.Also Read - Viral Video: Hungry Bride Enjoys Eating Chinese Food Before Wedding, People Call it Relatable | Watch

“EK-524 from Dubai-Hyderabad was accelerating for take-off from runway 30R, when the crew saw another aircraft coming in the same direction at high speed. Take-off was immediately instructed by ATC to be rejected. The aircraft slowed down safely and cleared the runway via taxiway N4, which crossed the runway. Another emirates flight EK-568, from Dubai to Bangalore, was rolling for departure was to take-off from same runway 30R,” a person aware of the incident told news agency ANI. Also Read - Viral Video: Woman Casually Walks With a Group of Lionesses in Jungle, People Left Stunned | Watch

The incident happened less than a month after another Emirates flight– EK231 from Dubai to Washington Dulles– reportedly overran the runway on departure, The flight became airborne just at the end of the runway end safety area and continued to Washington DC without further incident. However, the Boeing 777-300 allegedly sustained damage on departure and had to be inspected on arrival. Also Read - Viral Video: Man Speeding on Scooter Miraculously Escapes Colliding With Bus in Mangaluru | Watch

After the ATC intervention, Bengaluru-bound Emirates flight took off and the Hyderabad-bound Emirates flight went back to the taxi bay and took off a few minutes later.

“Safety is always our top priority, and as with any incident we are conducting our own internal review. The incident is also under investigation by the UAE AAIS,” Emirates spokesperson told ANI.

As per the preliminary report, Hyderabad bound EK-524 was rolling for take-off without ATC clearance.
Emirates had deployed its Boeing-B777 aircraft for the said destinations when the incident was reported. These aircraft have seating capacity ranging between 350 to 440 seats depending on the configuration of the aircraft.

The  latest incident is similarities to the 2001 Milan Linate airport disaster in which 118 people were killed after Scandanavian airline SAS’s McDonnell Douglas MD-87 jetliner while taking off in thick fog crashed into a small business jet that was taxiing along the runway.

(With Inputs from ANI)