New Delhi: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has written a letter to his counterparts, informing them of how US-imposed sanctions are hampering Tehran’s fight against the coronavirus outbreak and urging them to cease observing the sanctions, the country’s foreign minister Javad Zarif tweeted on Saturday. Also Read - Trending News Today, March 15, 2020: Kerala Teacher Visits Student’s Home to Deliver Mid-day Meal Amid Coronavirus, Adorable Picture Wins the Internet

Notably, Iran is one of the worst-affected countries due to coronavirus pandemic, outside China. With nearly 13,000 cases and more than 600 deaths, it is the third-worst affected country after China and Italy respectively. Also Read - Coronavirus Video Conference of SAARC Countries on PM Modi's Proposal: What to Expect

Zarif tweeted: “In a letter to counterparts, Hassan Rouhani informs how efforts to fight COVID19 pandemic in Iran have been severely hampered by US sanctions, urging them to cease observing them. It is IMMORAL to let a bully kill innocents.” Also Read - Saudi Arabia Returnee Dies in Maharashtra's Buldhana, Coronavirus Link Suspected

“Viruses recognise no politics or geography,” the tweet further stated.

It was, however, not stated who all these ‘counterparts’ were. The Iranian Foreign Ministry later said that some of the countries had, indeed, responded ‘positively’ to the letter, but, again, didn’t clarify which countries had supported Iran’s demand.

Washington, notably, applies economic, scientific, trade and military sanctions against Iran. These sanctions are administered by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Earlier, Zarif had also written a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, urging that the ‘inhumane’ sanctions on his country be disregarded and immediately lifted.

With Iran’s crippled health care system struggling to contain the pandemic, calls have been made in the US to suspend sanctions against Tehran. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is among those who have called for an end to US-imposed sanctions on Iran, for now.