By the end of the day, Imran Khan may start his new innings as the prime minister of Pakistan as his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is all set to cross the magic mark in National Assembly elections. It is a historic moment for Pakistan as the civil transfer of power is a great victory for its people. Poll rigging and other allegations apart, Imran will become the PM through an electoral process based on universal adult suffrage. It can be considered as a great deal of honour for the former cricketer.Also Read - History-How Pakistan Became A Toy Of Army Generals

Captain Imran Khan won the Cricket World Cup with the team having greats like Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram and newbie Inzamamul Haq. Apart from his personal contribution of 72 runs, Javed Miandad’s solid batting and Wasim Akram’s two magic deliveries played a crucial role in Pakistan’s World Cup victory. He had an excellent team of cricketers who delivered for him. Also Read - Pakistan Govt Deploys Army to Protect Red Zone As Imran Khan Enters Islamabad

After his cricket career was over, Imran Khan had said, “I have always been a man of passion, I played cricket with passion, then I wanted to establish a cancer hospital, I got it; now politics has become my passion.” Also Read - US Won't Let Imran Khan-led Propaganda Damage Ties With Pakistan, Says Ned Price

The electoral success for Imran Khan comes with a host of issues and challenges. His country is in a mess. His former prime minister is in jail over corruption. His army commands more power than any civilian government. His country is seen as the safe-haven terrorists by the world community. Democracy has not been successful. Sectarian violence is on the rise.

Can he check his army? Can he remove the label “Terroristan” and make democracy thrive?

Of course, he would speak about development, but how will he bring peace, which is sine qua non for any development? And, to achieve all, he will need a team like 1992 cricket world cup. The next Pakistan Prime Minister will have an uphill task at hand.

With extremely successful first innings in cricket, any question mark on his political innings will ruin his reputation of being a go-getter. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, he will have to walk on a tight-rope and do heavy-lifting to match his previous innings as a cricketer. There are no Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram and Inzamam Haq in Pakistan’s politics or his team.