New Delhi: A 53-year-old Indian-origin man was arrested in northern California, the United States, after he walked into a police station with a corpse in his car to confess that he had killed four people, including the body he brought. Also Read - Viral Video Captures The Terrifying Moment a Balcony Full of People Suddenly Collapsed | Watch

According to US media reports, all four victims were related to the suspected IT professional, Shankar Nagappa Hangud, who drove a red Mazda 6 to Mount Shasta police station. Also Read - Woman Slits Boyfriend's Throat for Talking to Another Woman on Phone, Arrested

The Mount Shasta police later confirmed the murders stating that there were indeed three bodies at his home, while the fourth one was in his car. The identities of the victims or their relationship with Hangud has not been made public yet. Also Read - Delhi Shocker: 8-Month Pregnant Woman Shot Dead By 4th Husband, Crime Caught On CCTV

The police also revealed that the murders had been committed over several days. Indian-American was shifted to custody at the South Placer Jail from Siskiyou County on Monday night after admitting to the murders. He will be facing four charges of murder without bail.

“This incident has touched the lives of many in the area,” Roseville Police Department Captain Joshua Simon told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday, adding that this was the first time such killing had occurred in Roseville’s Placer County city.

“We’re still working to put that timeline together,” Simon said dismissing an ongoing public threat and confirming that he was the sole suspect in the murders.