New Delhi, July 28: Despite apprehensions raised by Amnesty International, Islamic Republic of Indonesia has decided to execute 14 prisoners who were convicted on charges of drug smuggling. While 10 of them are foreigners, 4 are indigenous miscreants. Among the foreigners, there is also an Indian national Gurdip Singh.Also Read - Indonesia's Strong Earthquake Causes Massive Damage, 2 Injured

Singh, 48, hails from the state of Punjab. He was found guilty nearly 12 years back, when a district court in Banten province of Indonesia, sentenced him death penalty. Also Read - Ugandan Woman Swallows 91 Cocaine Capsules, Drugs Worth Rs 14 Crore Recovered From Her Stomach

Singh, who is also known by his Punjabi pet name Vishal, was arrested in 2004 along with a Brazilian national on charges of smuggling 300 grams of heroin in Indonesia. Although the prosecutors had sought 20 years of life term, the judiciary ended up pronouncing death penalty for both of them. Also Read - Terrifying Viral Video Shows Man Hit by Lightning Strike, Miraculously Survives | Watch

Indian Ministry of External Affairs has initiated last minute efforts to save Singh from facing the shooting squad, who will gun down all the 14 accused to death. MEA Minister Sushma Swaraj is extensively using all diplomatic channels to avert his death.

 However, legal experts claim that the options for the Indian government are limited, and their plea is likely to be dismissed by the Indonesian authorities.

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International has called the executions as atrocious, arguing that majority of the convicts have not been given a fair trial. Clemency petitions of convicts on death row have not been heard by the higher authorities.