New Delhi, July 29: Authorities in Indonesia carried out the execution of four out of the 14 people convicted in drug-related crimes on Friday, according to reports by Indonesian Television networks.  The four people on death row; one Indonesian and three Nigerians were shot dead soon after midnight by a firing squad. The Indonesian government carried out the execution despite appeals from foreign governments and international organisations. However, Indian national, Gurdip Singh has been spared for now.Also Read - Why is Cryptocurrency Banned For Muslims in This Country?

Indian Ambassador in Indonesia has informed me that Gurdip Singh whose execution was fixed for last night, has not been executed,” the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted on Friday. Also Read - Great News! Indonesia Cuts Quarantine Period For International Tourists

The authorities have not confirmed why he was spared and whether or not the remaining foreign convicts on the death row will be executed. “Afdhal Muhammad, the legal representative of Singh was of the view that he can file for Presidential clemency under the relevant law before the President of Indonesia,” Spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, Vikas Swarup said, PTI reported. Also Read - Has The 'Island of Gold' Been Found? Indonesian Fishermen Discover Hidden Treasure Trove Worth Millions!

The Embassy sent a Note Verbale to Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry requesting that all legal recourse should be exhausted before the death penalty is carried out,” he added.

Singh is a native from Dehra Dun whose family lives in Jalandhar, Punjab. His wife, Kulwinder Kaur and two children; Sukhbir Singh and Manjot Kaur, were informed of the execution on Tuesday by officials of the Indian Embassy in Jakarta.

Through those official, they even spoke to Gurdip. “He [Gurdip] told me that though he could not come to see us all, but his body will come to us soon after his execution,” Kulwinder Kaur told the Indian Express.

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They requested the Union government to intervene. the External Affairs Minister called Kaur and assured her of the Ministry’s support. “The Minister told me that she was trying her level best to ensure that Gurdip is not executed,” she said. “Gurdip Singh is facing death sentence in a drug case in Indonesia. We are making last minute efforts to save him from execution on July 28,” Swaraj said in tweet on Thursday.

Gurdip Singh has been imprisoned in Indonesia in 2004, after he was allegedly forced into a drug cartel by his travel agent who took away his passport. His family claims that he was on his way to New Zealand but was duped by the travel agent and instead reached Indonesia. Until 2014, he used to tell his brother that he will be released once he completes a 12-year sentence.

In the run-up to the execution, international organisations, foreign governments and human rights groups from around the world urged the Indonesian government to halt the execution. The government ignored the requests and maintained that the executions were “implementation of our positive laws,” Muhammad Rum, the spokesperson for Attorney General of Indonesia told the Associated Press.

Earlier in the day, coffins were transported to the prison island of Nusa Kambangan where the convicts were executed. UN experts and Amnesty International have serious doubts about the legal proceeding that resulted in the conviction of 14 people including Indonesians and foreign nationals. They claim that convicts on the death row did  not receive a fair trial. Among the fourteen convicts are four Indonesians, six Nigerians, two Zimbabweans, one Pakistani and one Indian.

Amnesty International and other human rights organisations have condemned capital punishment. The former claims that death penalty violates human rights. Nearly two-thirds of the world, or 140 countries have abolished death penalty. India is not one them.

(Image Source: Reuters via HuffPost)