New Delhi: Iran breached its limit for low-enriched uranium stockpile set under the 2015 nuclear deal with world power, confirmed country’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif on Monday.Also Read - Abortion Rights at Stake in Historic Supreme Court Arguments

“According to my information, Iran has surpassed the 300 kg limit (in producing low-enriched uranium) and we had already announced (that we were planning to do) this,” Zarif told ISNA news agency. Also Read - Supreme Court Set to Take Up All-Or-Nothing Abortion Fight

Tensions in Iran have escalated into several protests after the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal on its own last year. Moreover, the US also imposed intense sanctions on Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Also Read - Texas Abortion Ban Stays in Force as Justices Mull Outcome

In response, the Iranian officials reinstated that Tehran was set to exceed the breach limit stating that the remaining signatories in the Iran nuclear deal were not taking sufficient measures to protect Tehran from the bite of the US sanctions.

Furthermore, the Gulf nation has threatened to breach the limit up to 20 percent within the next few days putting pressure on the European countries to extend their support in resisting the constraints of the US economic sanction.

Earlier, Fars news agency cited a source as saying that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors had measured the stockpile on Monday and confirmed it had surpassed the cap.

An IAEA spokesman told the BBC that it was aware of the reports, adding: “Our inspectors are on the ground and they will report to headquarters as soon as the LEU (low-enriched uranium) stockpile has been verified.”

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