Washington, May 9: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday pulled out of the “defective and decaying” Iran nuclear deal calling the agreement an “embarrassment” to him and the US citizens. The US President also re-imposed economic sanctions on Teheran saying that the government had not prevented it from its hunt for nuclear weapons.

Trump also said that he is ready for an agreement that would eventually end Iran’s hunt for nuclear weapons and sponsorship of terrorism in the middle east.

“We cannot prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement. The Iran deal (nuclear agreement) is defective at its core. I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal,” Donald Trump said in a televised address from the White House.

Sending a warning, he said, “Today’s action sends a critical message. US never makes empty threats…when I make promises I keep them.”

He said, “If I allow this deal to stay, it will set off a nuclear arms race in the middle east. If the deal cannot not be fixed, the US could no longer be a party to it,” Trump said in a statement he read out on television inside the White House, maintaining ”we cannot prevent a Iran nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotting structure of this agreement.”

Calling the withdrawal “unacceptable”, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday said, Tehran will negotiate with the other signatories of a multinational nuclear deal, bypassing Washington.

Following Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that it “can put the nuclear non-proliferation regime at stake.” Regretting the decision, President Macron tweeted, “France, Germany, and the UK regret the U.S. decision to leave the JCPOA. The nuclear non-proliferation regime is at stake.”

Condemning the announcement, Syria said its ally would overcome what it called US “aggression”. Damascus “strongly condemns the US president’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran, which shows once again that the United States is not honouring its commitments and international agreements,” SANA news agency quoted a Syrian foreign ministry source as saying.

Former President Barack Obama also condemned the decision saying that withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal is a “serious mistake”. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, said that he “fully supports” the “bold” withdrawal.

The Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2015 between six countries — Iran, US, Britain, Germany, Russia, France and China — for lifting economic sanctions on Tehran in exchange for limitations to the country’s nuclear programme.

With agency inputs.