Baghdad: Several television stations across Iraq’s capital city Baghdad were attacked by masked gunmen, reported Russia Today news. The ransack occurred on Saturday when unknown gunmen wearing black clothes attacked offices of TV stations including Dijla, NRT, Arabiya Hadath, Fallouja, Alghad Alaraby, Al-Sharqiya and Sky News Arabia.

According to the correspondent of Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya, the attackers smashed their office equipment and mobile phones. He claimed that police declined protection to them during the attack which left several injured. “Members of the federal police declined assistance to us during the attack,” said the correspondent of Al-Arabiya as quoted by news agency ANI. He added that officials from Prime Minister’s Office have assured them to investigate the attack.

The protests began in Baghdad on Tuesday. Protestors were asked to express their outrage against the lack of employment opportunities and the presence of corruption on social media. Besides, the demands of the Iraqis who protested were the need for better medical, electric and water services, stated a report.

A journalist on Sunday tweeted a video of the Iraq protests saying, “There are reports of firing on both protesters and security forces (unknown by whom – watch the video). There are first signals of resistance from protesters. Media offices attacked. The international community is silent.” Journalist Ruslan Traq further noted, “Iraq is currently at a very dangerous stage.”

The latest attacks took place in the wake of several protests against Adel Abdul Mahdi-led Iraq government. The death toll in the attack stands at 100 as of today, injuring a thousand others. Besides the capital city, protests were reported in other cities in Iraq including Nasiriyah, Diwaniyah, and Basra.

It must be noted that the Baghdad protesters were seen holding photos of war hero Lt Gen Abdulwahab al-Saadi, an ex-head of Iraq’s counterterrorism force. The lieutenant was known for fighting to defeat the Islamic State.