New Delhi: Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is now plotting to target senior retired Army and police personnel in Punjab and also other parts of the country. According to a report of security agencies to the Home ministry, ‘Project Harvesting Canada’ is a top-secret and only top ISI officials are in the know. (Also read: Intelligence Warns of Terror Attacks in Srinagar, Awantipora Air Bases)

This project has reportedly been assigned to a Canada-based Khalistani terrorist outfit. Sources in Home ministry told Zeenews that ISI was providing all kind of help to Khalistani terrorists and their supporters in order to create disturbances in Punjab.

Indian security agencies are now trying to probe how many Khalistani terrorists have been deputed for ‘Project Harvesting Canada’. The agencies are also focusing on finding out their network. ISI is also hatching conspiracies to malign the image of the Indian Army and to achieve that, it is circulating fake documents related to the Army. ISI is actively using social media to circulate these documents.

A few days ago, a letter purportedly released by the military intelligence was doing the rounds, claiming that all Sikh jawans in the Indian Army were under the scanner of intelligence agencies. The letter later turned out to be fake and ISI was found to be behind the circulation of such documents with the help of a separatist group named ‘Sikh For Justice’.

The same group had staged demonstrations against Army in different parts of the world claiming that the content of the fake letter was true. The Home Ministry report also said that ISI is taking help from ‘Sikh For Justice’ to brainwash young Punjabis. It is to be noted that ISI is reportedly funding ‘Sikh For Justice’ which is focused on misleading Sikhs around the world against India. (Manish Shukla)