Mumbai, June 27: The ISIS, in order to encourage its members to carry out suicide attacks, is issuing ‘passport to heaven’ to them. Brainwashed ISIS fighters believe that they will be rewarded harem of virgins if they die for the terror group. They are also doing this so the ISIS members can keep control of its self-declared capital, Raqqa. The Syria Defence Forces discovered copies of these passports in newly liberated neighbourhoods of the northern Syrian city. The photos of the documents were posted on the social media.Also Read - Gautam Gambhir Receives Death Threat From 'ISIS Kashmir', Security Beefed Up Outside His House

These ISIS members who are brainwashed believe that this passport is a reward for meeting virgins in paradise if they die protecting the Islamic State. The ISIS use these ‘passports of heaven’ with documents that motivate these ISIS fighters to carry out suicide attacks and they do so, they will be sent to ‘paradise’. These passports are printed green and golden in colour. They contain scriptures from the Quran in English and Arabic. These are made to encourage the ISIS members to carry out terrorist attacks using explosive belts or driving bomb-laden cars into crowded locations, reports Russian TV channel RT Arabic. It mentions that the first page of the passport reads, ‘No God but Allah, Muhammed is the Messenger of God’ and ‘Passport to Paradise’. Also Read - Roadside Bombing Targets Taliban Vehicle, Ends Up Killing 2 Afghan Civilians Including Child

These passports are distributed to convince the fighters that they will definitely get a trip to heaven if they become martyrs fighting for the terror group. However, these passports do not mention any personal information about the member holding it. They reportedly feature different names of Heaven and Hell in Arabic. The ISIS leaders tell the fighters that they are not allowed to travel in hell but will reach heaven. There was a bomb explosion done by ISIS outside an ice cream shop in Baghdad. At least 15 people died in the blast and 50 were injured. Syrian Kurdish states that they have seized a new district from the Islamic group in Raqqa. Also Read - Jammu And Kashmir: NIA Raids 16 Locations in 'ISIS-Voice of Hind', Bathindi IED Recovery Cases