Washington: Following the death of the Islamic State’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Donald Trump on Friday said that the US knows exactly who the new leader of the extremist group is. Also Read - 'Do Not Rejoice America...', ISIS Threatens US After Appointing Abu Ibrahim al-Quraishi as Its New Chief; Calls President Trump 'Old Fool'

“ISIS has a new leader. We know exactly who he is!,” Trump tweeted. Also Read - ISIS Confirms Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Killing, Appoints Abi Ibrahim al-Quraishi as Its New Chief

No other details were revealed by the US.

The terror group had on October 31 announced their new leader named Abu Ibrahim al-Quraishi. Besides, it also confirmed the death of Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir, who was described by Trump as Baghdadi’s ‘number one replacement.’

The US had earlier confirmed that Baghdadi blew himself up in his suicide vest as he was chased to the dead-end of a tunnel by the US service dogs during an American raid in northwest Syria.

Baghdadi was smartly hiding for years despite being searched by the world’s best intelligence agencies and the US authorities offering a whopping USD 25 million reward for information about him.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has also issued a threat to the United States, asking it not to rejoice over the killing of their leader. “Do not rejoice, America, in killing Sheikh al-Baghdadi. Do you not realize that the [Islamic] State stands today at the doorsteps of Europe and Central Africa? Nay; it is expanding and persisting”, Abu Hamza al-Quraishi, the group’s new spokesperson said in an audio message on the terror group’s social media channel.