New Delhi, June 28: A Yazidi woman, who was captured by ISIS terrorists, was made to eat her own one-year-old  child by the terror group members, an Iraqi politician claimed in a television interview. According to the politician, the woman who was left to starve for days was finally provided food by ISIS and after she ate it, she was told it was indeed her one-year-old child who was served to her with rice.Also Read - Gautam Gambhir Receives Death Threat From 'ISIS Kashmir', Security Beefed Up Outside His House

Iraqi MP, Vian Dakhill, narrated the horrid story of this particular woman belonging to the Yazidi community, who was reportedly kept as a sex-slave for the ISIS, and was kept captive for several days. Later she was reportedly served meat and rice which she ate as she was hungry. According to Dakhill, the terrorists then told the woman, “We cooked your one year-old son that we took from you.” Also Read - Iraq PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi Unharmed After 'Failed Assassination Attempt' by Drone

While crime against humanity is nothing new for the ISIS to commit, their tactics against the Yazidis cross several limits of inhumanity on several counts. This has primarily to do with the ISIS considering the Yazidis as ‘devil worshippers’. Reportedly several thousands of the Yazidis have been killed or captured to be used as sex-slaves. Also Read - Cairo Archaeologists Discover Interior of Ancient Tomb at Egypt's Saqqara Necropolis

Dakhill was speaking to an Egyptian television, Extra News, when she narrated similar tales of horrific experiences of those they managed to rescue. She also talked about rapes which were committed by these ISIS militants. According to her, a 10 year old girl was raped to death by these militants in front of her father and sisters.

The Yazidi community, which is neither Arab nor Muslim, and follows beliefs which has combined elements of several ancient Middle Eastern religions, have been victims of innumerable such atrocities by the ISIS. As per Daily Mail, while sweeping across the Northern Iraq region in 2014, the ISIS carried out massacres against the minority which was qualified by the United Nations as genocide.

While portions of Northern Iraq, where majority of the Yazidi community resided, have been retaken by anti-ISIS forces, the previous occupation of the ISIS has destroyed major parts of the region and caused maximum damage. Reportedly, in 2015, a number of mass Yazidi graves were uncovered and there have been other reports that claimed that more than 3,000 Yazidis have been captured by the ISIS.