The Islamic State terror group has threatened Britain in particular with suicide bombings in a new video released as British Member of Parliamentarians voted to extend and expedite airstrikes to Syria earlier this week. It also mentioned that the this act of revenge has started and the blood will only continue to flow.  The video also goes onto explain that France was only the beginning to many such gory and brutal attacks.Also Read - Scotland Detects 6 Omicron COVID Variant Cases, UK Total at 9

In the footage, a fighter wielding an AK 47 and wearing an explosives belt praises the Paris attackers, who murdered 130 people, also term them as martyrdom seeking lions who stormed the capital of France.(ALSO READ : UK next ISIS target, warns US terror expert) Also Read - World On Alert As UK Reports Omicron Covid Variant. What We Know So Far

The fighter tells members of the anti ISIS coalition in Syria and Iraq to back off otherwise there will be no safety in this world from their guns, bullets and other explosives. Counter terrorist police in the West Midlands also said that they are examining links between Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the ringleader of the Paris attacks, and potential associates in Birmingham. Also Read - Prince Philip Laid to Rest in Royal Funeral at Windsor Castle Celebrating Service to Queen, Britain, Commonwealth

Several people are suspected of being in contact with Abaaoud, a Belgian – Moroccan, and his gang before the Paris massacre on November 13. One of the gunmen is believed to have traveled to Britain this year and visited Birmingham and London.

Phone calls were also being made to Birmingham ahead of the massacre. European intelligence officials has already informed last week that ISIS has chosen Britain as its next target and has ordered British recruits returning from Syria to carry out a new strikes.
About 400 jihadists are believed to have come back to the UK.