ISmilitants (1)

Sydney, April 05: According to a new Islamic State (IS) video, the group has used sledgehammers and rifles to destroy Iraq ‘s UNESCO World Heritage city of Hatra. According to, officials and local residents said militants attacked the 200-year-old city last month. However, the extent of the damage remains unclear as it is in territory still controlled by the IS militants.

The video that was released on Friday showed a militant on a ladder using a sledgehammer to bang repeatedly on the back of one of the carved faces until it crashed to the ground and broke into pieces.

The video was posted to a militant website frequently used by the group. One of the militants said in the video that they destroyed the site because it is “worshipped instead of God.” IS militants group has been destroying ancient relics as they believe it promotes idolatry that violates their fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law.