New Delhi, Sept 21: The vicious propaganda ran by the notorious extremist group Islamic State (IS) has attracted a number of youth from all across the world. Interestingly, their targets are not just disfranchised Muslims, but perhaps, even people from other faith including Hinduism. Also Read - Islamophobia: Starbucks Sued by Muslim Woman For Writing 'ISIS' on Coffee Cup Instead of Her Name

The latest aspirant from India to join the terror cult is a Hindu girl graduated from a top college in Delhi University. She was influenced by IS online justifications, and gained sympathy for the inhumane murderers. Her father, a retired army lieutenant colonel subsequently informed the National Investigation Agency (NIA) about the suspicious activities of her child. (ALSO READ: Indian woman with alleged ISIS link sent to judicial custody) Also Read - Coronavirus: ISIS Has an Advisory For Terrorists And it Says Avoid Europe

According to a report carried by The Indian Express, sources within the NIA have informed the media group that the girl is firm on her will to join the IS. The de-radicalization programme conducted by the NIA has failed to convince her to quit the aspirations of turning an extremist. Also Read - ‘Avoid Visiting Iraq,’ India Issues Fresh Travel Advisory as Security Situation Deteriorates There

According to the retired army personnel, his daughter in her mid-20s, went to Australia three years back for post-graduation studies. He believes that it was in Australia she got influenced by the evil ideology.

Sources within NIA have confirmed that the girl revealed her plan to convert as a Muslim and travel to Australia, and subsequently to Syria and serve in the caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The case of regretful radicalization of the young girl highlights a shocking development. Not only are Muslims, alienated from the mainstream attracted to ISIS, but, even non-Muslim educated youth are willing to travel to Islamic State and indulge in the ‘so-called divine’ war.

Out of the the 10 Kerala youth who were deported by UAE back to India for their links with jihadi media groups, 2 were Hindus.

In Australia, a Hindu individual, identified as Neil Prakash was a key recruiter for the Islamic State. Sydney has also launched an alert for a Buddhist who has converted to Islam recently and goes by the name of Abu Khaled al-Cambodi. The Cambodian national recently released an online video urging Muslim youth to revolt against Australian government and lead a blood-stained revolution in the cause of God.