Tel Aviv: The Israeli military on Monday confirmed that it has begun striking Hamas targets throughout Gaza. Al Jazeera quoted Gaza’s Ministry of Information stating that the raids have targeted the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The residents of the region have reported hearing the sounds of explosions on Monday evening.Also Read - Israel Condemns Terrorist Attacks on Abu Dhabi; Sends Condolences to India

Israel struck Gaza in response to the rocket which was allegedly fired from the Gaza Strip and struck a home in central Israel on Monday. Seven people were wounded in the attack. Also Read - Fourth Dose Of COVID Vaccine Provides Limited Defense Against Omicron: Israel Study

Israel has blamed Hamas for the attack. The spokesperson for Gaza’s Health Ministry, Ashraf alQudrah informed that the hospitals and medical points across the strip are ready and on high alert. Also Read - US Supreme Court Halts Biden Administration's COVID-19 Vaccine Rule For Businesses

The Health Ministry has also called on residents to take precautions as Israel readies to launch strikes across Gaza. Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett, reporting from Gaza-Israel border, also stated that Israeli officials issued similar warnings to residents on the Israeli side.

“We’ve seen several plumes of smoke coming up from the Gaza skyline behind us and we’ve seen confirmation from the Israeli military that these strikes have begun,” he said.

“Everywhere within a 40-kilometre radius of the Israel-Gaza border on Israel’s side has been told to open up bomb shelters in the expectation of potential rocket fire coming back in response from inside Gaza,” he said.

Meanwhile, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in the United States for a meeting with President Donald Trump, is expected to make an announcement shortly from the White House.

During the meeting, the US President also recognised Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights signing an official decree.