New Delhi: A report has surfaced with regard to the Balakot airstrike which was carried out by India on Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror camp on February 26 this year. In her report, foreign journalist Francesca Marino has quoted local sources and said that around 45 people were still undergoing treatment at a camp while nearly 20 succumbed due to their injuries.

The number of people who have been killed range from 130-170, including those who have died during treatment. Among those killed are 11 trainers, ranging from bomb makers to those imparting weapons training. Two of these trainers were from Afghanistan.

Reportedly, an Army unit from a camp based in Shinkiari arrived at the location around 6 AM, that is, two-and-a-half hours later. The Balakot airstrike took place at 3:30 AM the same day. Incidentally, Shinkiari is also a base of the Pakistan Army, with the Junior Leaders Academy (JLA).

After the Army unit arrived, the injured were taken to a Harkat-ul-Mujahideen camp, located in Shinkiari and treated by Pakistan Army doctors. Of the 45, those who have recovered are still in custody of the Army and haven’t been discharged.

A group of JeM members had also visited the families of those killed and handed over cash compensation to them. Adjacent to the Blue Pine Hotel, located near the JeM camp, is a new signboard that indicates the presence of Taleem-ul-Quran camp on the hilltop. What is surprising that all links to JeM leader and now internationally proscribed terrorist Masood Azhar have been removed.

The camp area is still under the control of the Army, with a Captain rank officer of the Mujahid battalion in command. The camp has been cleared of traces which indicated it being a JeM camp. Talks of JeM leadership avenging the February 26 airstrike has also been doing rounds.