Ottawa (Canada), June 27: Canadian Conservative Party on Wednesday slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for spending $1.5 million on his India trip along with the family. The Opposition party has alleged that Trudeau takes “too many days off, too often”.

The Conservative party’s tweet slamming Trudeau for his offs came soon after there was an uproar over his $1.5 million spending and for taking advantage of his office’s itinerary.

“Justin Trudeau is taking yet another “personal” day today,” the tweet read. The tweet was deleted. However, it mentioned a link — — which apparently talks about Trudeau’s trip abroad.

“…Trudeau took a vacation to India, and it was an unmitigated disaster. He was snubbed on arrival, being greeted not by the Prime Minister, but by a junior Agriculture Minister. Trudeau then misspelled Mahatma Gandhi’s name in a tweet, garnering more negative attention…,” the website says.

It further adds: “He even used taxpayer dollars to fly a celebrity chef halfway around the world to serve him and his Liberal friends.”

The Canadian PM was also slammed for slammed for paying $17,044 to Vikram Vij, a chef from Vancouver, to prepare a meal one of Trudeau’s meetings in New Delhi.