New Delhi: Ri Sol-Ju, Kim Jong-Un’s wife and North Korea’s first Lady leads a secretive life. Reports claimed that unlike the First Ladies in many countries, Ri Sol-Ju has to follow several strict rules in her own country. Also Read - 'Legitimate Step': North Korea Backs China's National Security Law for Hong Kong

Take a look at list of rules that wife of Kim Jong-un has to follow in North Korea:  Also Read - US Charges North Koreans With Laundering at Least $2.5 Billion to Fund Nuclear Weapons Program

Strictly abide by the marriage: If reports are to be belived, Ri Sol-ju was forced to tied the knot with the North Korean supreme leader. In 2008 after suffering a heart stroke, Kim Jong-il (father of Kim Jong-un), a hawkish dictator, had ordered Jong-un to get married to Ri Sol-ju. Also Read - Kim Jong Un Makes Another Public Appearance, Vows to Bolster Nuclear War Deterrence

New name post marriage: Ri Sol-Ju is the new name given to Kim Jong Un’s wife post marriage. Reports claimed that she was forced to live with a new identity and her birth name, documents, etc. have been hidden away after she tied knot with the North Korean leader.

No time for own family: Ri Sol-Ju is not allowed to visit her own family members. If reports are to be belived, she has not met her family since her marriage to Kim.

No choice for attires:  In her early years of marriage, Ri Sol-ju was seen sporting western look, personalized broaches and many more. However, all this has changed over the years and it is now more traditional. Reports said that the First Lady  of North Korea has little choice of expressing herself via her clothes and hairdos.

No presser, public appearence: She is not allowed to hold presser. Besides, her public appearances are always under check.  Except national functions or festivals, the woman is not allowed accompany his husband during times of any national address or event.

No pictures: No one can take pictures of Ri Sol-Ju without Kim’s permission. Reports claimed that  she is edited out of the pictures where she is seen accompanying the North Korean leader.

Not allowed to leave North Korea: Ri Sol-ju, who has studied in China and had visited South Korea as a cheerleader is not allowed to leave travel outside North Korea. Reports claimed that she has not stepped outside of North Korea ever since she tied the knot with Kim.

Secret and forced pregnancies: Due to the medieval mentality of the Supreme family, Ri Sol-ju has been forced to hide her pregnancies until she bore a son. Very few pictures of her wherein she is seen pregnant surfaced online.  After two daughters, she finally gave a birth to a son.