New Delhi: Days after Kim Jong Un ended rumours surrounding his death by attending an inauguration event  in Sunchon, South Pyongyang Province, reports have claimed that the person who appeared before public was not the real North Korean leader, but was his body double.Also Read - North Korean Missile Launches Show Serious Threat: US Official

Earlier on May 2, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper and the North Korean Central Television had released pictures and video clip of Kim, cutting the ribbon of a fertilizer plant. He was seen walking, smiling, laughing, waving to crowds. Senior officials, including his sister and likely successor, Kim Yo Jong, were also in attendance. Also Read - Viral Video: Man Asks Barber to Give Him a Kim Jong-un Haircut and the Result Left him Laughing Hard | WATCH

But now, it is being claimed that Kim Jong Un has been using a doppelganger to make public appearances on his behalf. Conspiracy theories believe that dictators including Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussain had used multiple body doubles. Also Read - North Korea Test-fires New Long-range Cruise Missiles With Possible Nuclear Capability: Report

To understand if a body double was used or not, people on social media have also been analysing photos from Kim’s latest appearance, with special emphasis on his teeth and ears.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, former British MP  Louise Mensch claimed that Kim’s teeth and ears in the recent pictures look very different from the ones that had been taken earlier.

“Teeth, Cupid’s bow, others. Totally different. Look at those gnashes, if you must. It’s not the same person. But not going to argue it. Hairy moment when I thought my information was wrong. It wasn’t wrong though. Not sure whether it suits us to go along with it or not, but these two are not the same”, Mensch wrote on Twitter.

Speculations about Kim’s ill health mounted after his mysterious disappearance for nearly three weeks. Several reports had claimed that the 36-year-old dictator passed away following heart surgery or was in an irreversible coma.

The reports came after Kim apparently skipped an important annual visit to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on the occasion of the April 15 birthday of late state founder and his grandfather, Kim Il-sung.