Guinea, July 31: The latest vaccine developed to fight Ebola has proved absolutely successful. In a trial operation on 4000 people in Guinea who were likely to contacted by the infectious disease, the developers achieved 100 per cent success. Also Read - TMC Complains To Election Commission Over PM's Photo On Vaccine Documents, Calls It Violation of Poll Code

The speed at which the vaccine has achieved the desired result is amazing, according to experts. “Scientists, doctors, donors and drug companies collaborated to race the vaccine through a process that usually takes more than a decade in just 12 months,” said Borge Brende, the foreign minister of Norway, one of the countries which funded the trial. (ALSO READ: Malaria killed more people than usual in Ebola outbreak) Also Read - Prominent Leaders Take First COVID Jab on 2nd Day, Govt Allows Private Hospitals to Give Vaccines | Key Points

The trial tested a vaccine composed of an attenuated livestock virus engineered to produce an Ebola protein, called rVSV-ZEBOV. The vaccine was developed by Public Health Agency of Canada and then licensed to the companies NewLink Genetics and Merck. Also Read - Karnataka Agriculture Minister Takes COVID-19 Vaccine at Home, Centre Seeks Report

The design adopted by the trial team is similar to the one used during smallpox eradication drive. “If any one member of the family was affected by Ebola, the remaining members of the family were vaccinated to the prevent the spreading of virus onward. This ring exercise has effectively controlled Ebola in Guinea,” said Marie Paul Keny, World Health Organization assistant director general for health systems and innovation.

Around 26,783 people are suffering from Ebola in the region of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. More than 11,000 have reportedly died. If the vaccine continues to remain effective, the epidemic disease could be eradicated from West Africa.