New Delhi, Feb 13: The London City Airport reopened on Tuesday and all flights were operating as usual after a World War Two bomb was safely removed from the River Thames, informed airport authorities.

The London City Airport was closed on Monday after an unexploded World War Two bomb was discovered in the River Thames at George V Dock, the airport authority said. According to a report, the bomb was found during pre-planned work at the airport early on Sunday and set up a 214-metre exclusion zone around the device that evening.

Airport authority issued a statement reading, “The World War Two ordnance discovered in King George V Dock has been safely removed by the Royal Navy and Met Police.”

The Metropolitan Police said that properties within the exclusion zone had been evacuated and that a number of road cordons were in place.

The bomb was found at George V Dock on Sunday during planned work at the east London airport. The Royal Navy said the bomb would be exploded underwater overnight and the airport should reopen on Tuesday.

Police have confirmed families who were evacuated from around the site can return to their homes after the device was moved to another location in the dock.

Among passengers affected were Tottenham Hotspur fans heading to Italy for a Champions League game against Juventus.