New Delhi: A day after a stabbing incident killed two people on the London Bridge, the London police on Saturday found the suspected attacker to be a former convict under terror charges in 2012.

The man behind the Friday knife attack at the prime location of London was identified as 28-year-old Usman Khan, a British national of Pakistani descent from Staffordshire.

The police were able to identify the individual as he was known to authorities with links to ‘Islamic terrorist groups’. Khan was convicted in 2012 for terrorism offences and served imprisonment for six years.

“He was released from prison in December 2018 on licence and clearly, a key line of enquiry now is to establish how he came to carry out this attack,” said the London Metropolitan Police Assitant Commissioner Neil Basu, as quoted in media reports.

“While we are still in the early stages of the investigation, at this time we are not actively seeking anyone else in relation to the attack,” Basu said adding that the police will continue to make “fast-time enquiries to ensure that no other people were involved in this attack and that there is no outstanding threat to the public.”

On Friday evening, at least five people were injured, two of whom died, following a stabbing incident on the north side of London bridge. Gunshots were also heard by the people in the area and it was immediately cordoned off.

The suspected attacker was shot dead by the London police on the spot. Further, the police have also detained another man in connection with the incident.

According to eyewitnesses, a group of men were involved in a fight on the bridge, before the police reached the spot and shots were fired.